Friday, February 10, 2006

Let it snow?

We are expecting our second snow event of the season tomorrow-maybe from 5-10"! I'm just happy it's over the weekend and the guys don't have to drive to work and school in it. Hopefully that will be it for the winter. I am getting itchy to see if any of the bulbs I planted made it. They weren't easy for me to plant last year. I have some giant red tulips that I really want to see along with new irises and lilies.
Cosmo my cat was so cute this morning. When I wasn't getting up, he came into the room, got up on the bed and stretched the whole length of his body right next to me. He wanted me to get up! I got him some Cosmic catnip in a bag as a treat and he has it almost destroyed. I got my $2 of entertainment watching him bat and chew that toy!
I've learned some sad things in the last few weeks. The guy that was a freshman with Sean who got killed, was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Seems an automotive school in that area likes to drag race along this long stretch on road and Colin happened to be turning right when the gang there was at it.
Then I read in Mindy's blog about Laura, a fellow stitcher that passed away suddenly last Friday. Not sure what happened.
My sister-in-law had a customer who recently was murdered where she worked at a catering business. All these people were so young and probably had many more years ahead of them. God bless them and their families.


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