Thursday, March 31, 2005

Think first!

You'd think that since I am a fairly intelligent creature that I would remember to use Flonase or my herbal nasal spray before I tackle the great outdoors! Well, I didn't and not only is my brain foggy from PMSing but I am so stuffed up. As soon as I eat something, I'll do the spray to see if it helps a day later. Even our friend Kathy says she takes Advil before she plays tennis to avoid the aches and pains that will probably settle in. Advil doesn't like me, so I was popping a Tylenol at 1 am this morning. My body was like 'hey toots, are you crazy? Manual labor and you do not mix!"

I heard that Terri Schaivo passed away today. Her husband is bringing her up to Bucks County, PA. to her final resting place. It's beautiful there and we daytrip there once in a while. That's where Terri and Michael grew up. I hope now that she is gone, that the story will vacant the news. We have to concentrate on getting our troops home. Mom was also saying she worries about her grandchildren being taken care of through social security when they are her age. I think people even my age have to worry! I don't know what will happen in the next 20 yrs, but it's not a pleasant thought to know that we may not get the help we deserve.


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