Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I <3 Kassandra!

Thank you Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for gracing your show with eight yr old Kassandra who has the soul of a wise, old lady. I guess living through two bone marrows transplants will make you older and wiser and appreciate little things, even butterflies.
I do the charity quilt squares in cross stitch for the sick kids quilts. It's my little contribution to make a sick child smile and feel good when they wrap themselves in the quilt. I don't assembly the quilts or get to meet the kids who receive them (not yet anyway). The volunteers who do the above are so humbled and share such special stories with us.
Everything that little girl received from this show she deserved. She wrote the show to ask for a makeover for the kids cancer ward where she spent 7 months of her young life. The walls were white and boring. The play room was small and not organized. Now because of Kassandra, the Disney people came and painted murals with Cinderella and It's a Small World. Now Kassandra has a beautiful home to share with her parents and 5 brothers and sister. Ride your carousel and remember always that 'love comes first', sweet K. (You can preorder a bracelet or necklace to help Kassandra raise money for cancer charity).


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