Saturday, March 05, 2005

Give Martha a cappuccino please....

Martha missed her cappuccino while at Camp Cupcake. And also lemons. How mean can they be to not allow a lousy lemon in prison? I guess the chow really is pretty bad, probably all spam and boxed potato flakes. I heard that Martha lost weight too. It's all behind her now and her 'behind' is even smaller! And she's still a very rich lady, like a billionaire. That can't tarnish her reputation too much right? I heard she has two tv deals in the works, one being an apprentice like show. I think I'd watch that one. The contestants would definitely have to do Martha type skills. Can't you see them all trying to make a souffle? Oh that would be hysterical if they all fell and Martha could make snide remarks. There's another show on now called 'Wickedly Perfect' that I have been trying to watch. They switched nights and sometimes I miss it on Saturday. My favorite contestant got voted off last week-Darlene the former HSN cable host. The tears were streaming down her face because she knew she was doomed. They had to do individual projects and it was trimming a topiary. Now Darlene obviously had no idea what to make and called what she made a 'mushroom'. The two with the lowest votes from the judges for their work were up to get voted off. I don't care much for the remainder of the contestants. This one guy stands out, but he's a backstabber. Martha should be the host of this show instead of boring Joan Lunden. She would make the show. But obviously she was 'pre-occupied' when they were filming this one.


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