Monday, February 28, 2005

Winter wonderland or PITA nor'easter?

A little of both I think? Sean's school was cancelled and it didn't start really snowing until late morning. Brian came home a bit early, but said the worst roads were around here.We don't know what's happening tomorrow, but with all the back roads we have, I doubt he'll go in again. It was like a blizzard tonight.

I am really pooped from yesterday. It was a nice day and so good to do and see something different. Today Sean vacuumed for me and I made him apple streusel muffins and beef stew. We had stopped at a specialty food store last night so I could get some dinner food. Their beef was definitely better. I have been adding parsnips and turnips and the stew is so tasty.

Before grabbing the food, we had grabbed some dinner (we had to wait) at Ruby's Diner a new place in the same shopping center. It's mostly a burger place, but it has the decor of an old diner and the waitresses are dressed in cute red striped uniforms and the little hats. I had a turkey club on a French style roll with fat slices of turkey, bacon and avocado. Sean had shrimp tacos and Brian had a burger.

I watched the Oscar's last night, mainly to see if Jamie Foxx would win for 'Ray' and he did! His speech was excellent. JF trivia-his real name is Eric Bishop.
Beyonce (has the same maiden name as me) Knowles was beautiful both in voice and dress and looks! Very nice that she sang three songs, but what about the Spanish one that won? I was pulling for 'I Believe'. Frank Bielec said that celebrities are so 'not real' with their thin bodies, expensive jewels and gowns that they don't own and I tend to agree. We need more real people like Hillary Swank who remembers about her struggle as a young teen in a trailer park.

So I watched the end of 'The Bachelorette' and Jen didn't pick anyone! I wasn't really surprised as she had such a hard time picking out the ring and dress and bawling her head off to her friends. Why did she do this show so soon after her breakup with Andrew Firestone? I think she is pining for him or doesn't want to get hurt again. I liked Jerry, he looked like a guy I liked in high school-hey Michael B!!! Hope Jen finds love. If she couldn't find it in 26 men, she may be a hopeless case. Sorry to say that.


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