Monday, February 28, 2005

Meeting Frank from Trading Spaces

I don't know if you watch 'Trading Spaces' on 'The Learning Channel'. I love all the shows on that channel and today Frank Bielec, the senior decorator on TS was at the Fort Washington Expo center (about an hour away). It was the last day for the Suburban Home and Garden Show (very nice)! We decided to give the van a whirl and go up. What a nice 67 yr old man he is! So personable (was a 1st grade teacher at one time). We got there a bit late (the place was mobbed) and only saw about 15 minutes of his first talk (we stayed for the second). We happen to be standing stage left near the table where he would eventually sign autographs. Lucky us, we were about 4th in line! And as a treat, my mom was along too. I took one of my TS books and Frank not only signed it, he drew a picture of himself too. He got up and posed for a picture with both me and mom. : ) He said to my mom that 'your daughter must be good at what she does.' Not sure what he meant, I only mentioned his wife's cross stitch company and asked where he got ideas for the designs. He said 'Look around you'. (It was in 1989 that he finally combined his arts and crafts talents with his business acumen and co-founded the business "Mosey 'n Me" with wife Judy, specializing in designing cross-stitch patterns). I told him I have a Learning Channel tribe too.
Sean came along and enjoyed it too! We will conquer that PA turnpike yet! (we didn't get lost).


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