Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Celebrity Blogs...the Amazing Race

I'm on a mission to look at celebrity blogs. I already have Zach Braff's listed in the side bar. He's pretty funny. I hope he keeps up his entries. I also have the Celebrity Baby Blog because of the famous and their offspring. I was looking for a photo of Conan O'Brien's daughter Neve and they had one of the two of them together. She's a little Conan! Some of these photos look like an invasion of privacy, but the celebs are in public places, people interested in them so it's publicity for them in the long run. I checked out Jeff Bridges blog (more of a website) and he was asking someone to stop pretending they were him on his message board. Get a blog Jeff! There is a 'pretend' blog I have listed for Bill Clinton. They say it's fake, but it's a good fake. Check it out.

Amazing Race 7 began tonight with Rob and 'Ambuh' from 'Survivor' as contestants. They are in third place. They had help when they got in Peru as someone recognized them from Survivor. That sucked as the guy helped them on a large leg of the race. You'll love the gay guys, they are hysterical!

On a personal note, Brian was home feeling blah today. He rarely misses work. I am wondering if he's just exhausted by the daily grind. The snow events have really worn him out, somewhat from the tension. I didn't do as much as I wanted to do today because he kept laying down, so I had to be quiet. I was picking out things off my eBay table which is piled high. I swear I have listed most of the stuff on it once or twice. I should list it all at low prices to get rid of it. If if doesn't sell, it's going to Goodwill. I already have 3 bags to go. eBay is fun, but it's getting harder to try to figure out what people will buy. I know, they will buy almost anything, but I have way too many books. Time to downsize.


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