Friday, February 11, 2005

Movie rentals

I asked Sean to get 'The Notebook' for me yesterday and we watched it today (he was off from school). We didn't watch it all at once, so even Brian got to see the last 40 minutes of it. I had read the book right after I lost my grandmom and the movie made me feel the same way-bawled my eyes out! It was good, I didn't care for the young actor who played Noah, he was a mumbler (but cute), but young Allie (she was the lead in the movie 'Mean Girls') was fine. What is cool about the DVD is the author Nicholas Sparks actually makes commentaries and such while the actual movie is going on if you want to watch it that way. We watched about half an hour on this portion. He has the greatest speaking voice and we enjoyed that part.If Brian talked like this, I'd be in dreamland! So mellow and caressing. Ah!
Sean also rented 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' which I had seen in the movies with my mom and commented positively about it back in October, 2004. He hated it. He didn't get it at all as he's never seen any of those old comic book style movies from the 40s and 50s. I thought it was really clever, the cinematography was really outstanding. Most kids of this era don't seem to have the imagination to enjoy this kind of production. I think it's important to see movies from every era they have been in existence to truly appreciate where movies come from. I did a report on Silent Movies as a high school junior, so I've always appreciated them myself. Find some old movies and sit down with your techobrain kids today. I need to do that with my own son.


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