Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Finally...a new desk

The guys didn't come home with a new desk yesterday, but a new black leather chair-for giants! It can't be lowered so my short legs and feet can touch the floor. I think Brian didn't do something right, because this is the first chair that I felt like I was getting a haircut in which couldn't be lowered. Thank goodness it was basically free (we had a gift card-thank you f-in-l for that) and I have a cute little stool under my tootsies.
Today we took a drive down to Wally World (Walmart) and were about to get the armoire style with the fake wood grain in brown. We saw they had the black armoire with the fake wood grain and it was $88 and missing the top portion the other one had but it was like $60 cheaper. Bingo! We were taking too long making up our minds when another customer came over and started to look at the solo black one that was left. I said really loud, well that figures and flopped down in a computer chair (where I could touch my feet to the ground!) and maybe the guy took the hint and left! Whew! So Brian got a salesman and paid for the desk while I got a new trashbin with wheels and scurried around the 50% off area collecting a few rolls of wrapping paper and mini ornaments for something I want to make and sell for next year. I found some new things for January birthdays (my brother and pal in Colorado were both born on January 8th). I love a good sale! I did hit a sale yesterday and got some Snowbabies I liked for 33% off.
Brian got busy assembling the armoire after dinner and 3 hours later it's not all the way done, but almost. Cosmo was really marking his territory by rubbing his mouth on various parts of it.
So the room is a mess until we get it set up. I suggested we put the old one in the drive and put a 'FREE' sign on it, but he'd rather haul it to the Goodwill. Oh well. I have a slight headache which I am blaming on the armoire's pressed particle board.
My brother Ken called to say the package from our brother Don had come from Florida last night and asked if Sean was still looking for a car. We said 'yes'. He said he had a '98 or '99 Ford Taurus where he worked and would check it out for us. I called tonight to see if he had and he was home sick today from a bad migraine and vomiting from it. He was sick exactly a year ago today when he was suppose to come out here for lunch and present opening. Weird.
Mom went to see her old friend Barbara who was up from South Carolina and staying at her daughter Adrienne's house not far away. Jim is also a friend of hers. They went to an Irish style restaurant and had prime rib. Adrienne and her teen son Ryan are headed to Ireland tomorrow where they have friends and family. Cool.


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