Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Susan St. James' son

I have been extremely upset about the plane crash that took three lives and almost two others. I can't imagine what the families are going through. Susan St. James is a cool lady. I always liked her tv shows 'McMillian and Wife' and 'Kate and Allie' from the 1980s. She is really down-to-earth even naming her two oldest kids Sunshine and Harmony. She lost her 14 yr old son Teddy by Dick Ebersol on Sunday. Now I can't listen to the 'Five for Fighting' song....'15, there's still time for've only got 100 yrs to live...' without thinking of this recent tragedy. St.James hasn't been doing much lately, so I guess she left show business to raise her younger kids. This parallels with a plane crash that happened near here at the end of the summer. It was two brothers-one from England and their two boys. For some unknown reason they swooped down and into the airplane shed. Someone I know on one of my groups had the same thing happen to her former boss who had just retired and was looking forward to 'the rest of his life'. Damn that sucks.


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