Tuesday, November 30, 2004

If I was born a guy...

How would your life differ if you were born a member of the opposite sex?
Apart from the obvious, anatomy, clothes, romance and marriage, what things might be better? Worse? Would it change the opportunities and problems you were presented? How would you take advantage of the changes? If you could switch sexes for a day, would you? How about forever?
First of all, I'd feel terribly sorry for my mom as she would have had 4 sons. She always reminisces that when I was born she couldn't believe I was a girl and the nurses had to keep saying-'yes, it's a girl'. Being the only girl made me a little more special than my brothers, but I felt left out sometimes too. Not to say I wasn't on the floor playing with my brother Don's Hot Wheels either! I just didn't have that many people to play dolls with and 'to be a girl' with. We had neighbor girls, but they were a bit younger than me. My brother Don was my best friend until he was 13 (we are a year apart in age). I am sure it may have been a little easier to have another boy who could share clothes with his brothers. I was in a good position-#2 of 4, but actually was a middle child for 7 years. Middle children have a hard time occasionally and if I was a boy I would have felt it more.

I don't care to switch sexes. I lived around boys/men my entire life and that's enough for me and definitely wouldn't want to switch forever.


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