Monday, December 20, 2004

Helping with Christmas, etc.

On Friday my mom came out to do shopping at Walmart, or as I like to call it, 'Wally World'. She had a list, but it took her 2 long hours. She took about 45 minutes to pick out sweaters for 3 people. I had to try them on for her to see if they were too small or too large. I had the wrong shoes on and an hour into the shopping spree my heels were on fire. My feet have been bothering me a lot lately. So mom blew all the money she came with and was surprised, but she had about 10 bags of stuff!
I wanted to go to a local hardware store because their Christmas stuff was already 50% off. We were both so tired and mom still down in the mouth that we didn't buy one thing. I wanted to go back today but it's only 9 degrees out right now. Too blasted cold! Sean was hoping for a day off, and he got stung. He's off in a few days anyway for 10 days. I don't get him sometimes.
After the hardware store we picked up Chinese food, the first we've eaten since Sean got sick on it. Mine was so salty! After dinner mom wrapped my brother Don's gifts to mail Saturday (I got him a Home Depot g.c. which he liked as he just moved). I remembered a post office down in Hockessin, DE that is open until 1:30. The next morning, I helped mom get the gifts in a large box and off we went. There was a short line and we were in and out of there in 5 minutes! We hit 'Tuesday Morning' and their Christmas stuff was 40% off but picked over. We managed to get a few things. Mom left around 4 and was going to 'Peebles', mainly a clothing store around the corner. She was suppose to get on the road before dark and she left a message (we had gone to church) that she had left here the store at 5:30!
Mom is worn out now and needs to decorate her tree and wrap gifts. I am almost finished wrapping and then will make a few batches of cookies. Having my mom here set me back a bit, but to make her happy about having gifts is a big thing.
After mom got home she found more stuff for my brother and her boarder had to mail things to his sister in Texas, so they went to the mall p.o. and waited in line 30 minutes. Too bad she didn't have that stuff when she was out here.
Stitchingwise, I made a cute keychain-'count your blessings' and also an ornament (a little hummingbird with a wreath in his beak) over the past few weeks. The Santa on my sidebar has been put on hold, though I put a few stitches in him over the weekend. I was trying to add to a Love Quilt block that is due 2/1 but I'm having a terrible time with it mainly because the colors in the flower border are so similar! And then one side will have to mirror the other side. And then the backstitching is terrible. I wish I wouldn't do this to myself! There were surely easier designs out there. In fact I can think of one I liked with only 3 colors of green. I would have been finished that one by now.
I was just up getting a Ricola (the heat is running and running) and there was a doe right at the bank in my backyard about 30 feet from the house eating something, maybe bark. She is so nervous when the wind blows and her breath really showed when she was startled. I worry about the critters in this kind of weather. Lord, keep them warm for me. : )
Off to do some wrapping.


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