Wednesday, December 15, 2004

National Treasure

Sean and I went to the movies for the first time together in a long time. Like I had time to spare to see a movie, but we did go shopping afterwards. I wasn't feeling too great, but I figured since I was sitting, I'd be fine. We enjoyed the flick. Now Nicholas Cage is one of those actors who can't really alter his look. I still see him dressed like Elvis from an earlier movie. He was pretty decent in this one. I liked all the characters. It was funny to see Jon Voight as somebody's bumbling daddy. Of course the best part were the scenes in Philadelphia. They were all over Independence Hall and the supporting players did a romp through Reading Terminal Market (I've eaten there!). Sometimes I forget what a historic city I live near.
I was having fun with the website (click the link over there--->) and won some tokens and playing cards. : )
Sean and I took a drive down the road to Old Navy where he got his dad a few things (with the help of me) for Christmas. There was a new store that opened up in the same shopping area called 'World's Market', like a Pier One with a food section. We got Brian some goodies too. He likes his snacks, coffee and licorice.
I like the little pastilles in the oval tins from France. I got some anise and rose flavored ones. They didn't have the violet ones so the girl took the empty tin I had in my purse to order some.
So, we just need to do some wrapping, baking and tidying up.


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