Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Awesome wallpaper for your puter

Ok, okay...off to bed...but found these gorgeous floral and outdoor wallpapers from a local nursery called Waterloo Gardens. Thought I'd share.

Done my share of putting 'stuff' away yesterday. The tree is up in the attic. It won't have to go up there is we clean our basement-geez. I brought a few bags of Christmas stuff to sort upstairs and a box of ornaments too. Not that I feel much like looking at holiday items again. Brian didn't say much about what I did in the basement and it is an improvement in my eyes-thanks Bri. : (
And it only took him a year to figure out that if he turned the knob under this computer chair that it would tighten it up! I tried a few weeks ago, but I guess he really had to turn it.
Off to grocery shop tomorrow-oh joy.


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