Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A very full day yesterday

Sean and I went out to lunch and did some shopping yesterday. I had promised to take him to The Olive Garden and that's where we went. I do prefer their dinner menu. If you are in the mood for endless salad and soup, this is the place for lunch-under $6. We didn't get that. I don't eat soup when it's over 90 degrees out. I got eggplant parmigiana and Sean got a seafood linguini-both were good. Take out is great (for Bri) and they give you a huge salad, breadsticks and all the fixings along with the main meal.
Kohl's is across the street from the restaurant. They are trying to move out the rest of their summer clothes-60% off. I mainly bought a few tops and a few cute pairs of sandals. I got a gorgeous purse with squares of 'leather' in salmon, browns and greens. Recently I had seen a similar purse in a magazine and then on a local tv show. I got a $34 purse for $14.
Next we headed to Best Buy as I wanted a computer game called Sims 2 that my tribenet pals play all the time. You tell the Sims people want to do, etc. I tried the demo so far and it is fun!
I had to go food shopping after dinner which I dislike as I don't like loading the van in a semi-dark parking lot. I mainly went for the cat as he was hating the food from last week.
The show Treasure Hunt was in Philadelphia last night (I could finally settle down at 9 pm). A member of the 4 teams left had to walk on the ledge of a building-on the 22nd floor! They were of course wearing a harness, but a few of them had feet bigger than the ledge! They got to the end of the building and had to lean down to read a plaque (for a clue) on the building which said Founder's Hall-Girard-they had to go to Girard College. They found their answers and opened them under the dome-a big room that was very rundown looking-chipped paint, etc.. It's not a college at all, but a school for kids in grades 1-12 who are of financial need and in a one parent household.
I called my mom at 10pm as I thought she was mad at me from an earlier conversation. She said she had tried to call my uncle and he wasn't answering the phone. She had called his stepdaughter and she had a call in to the facility. What happened was my uncle had fallen down on the way to look in his closet. He skinned his knee, but once down, he couldn't get up again. Thank goodness my mom called Dorothy as he wasn't checked for a while. Now he is wearing a med-alert kind of thing around his neck. He is so weak, but he is eating better.
So I had a restless night from all the commotion.
I hope to just do quiet things today. : )


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