Saturday, August 12, 2006

Director Todd

I'm really impressed! The guy on the end next to James Gandolfini and John Travolta use to ride on my school bus! I knew Todd was an Emmy winning screenwriter for a Billy the Kid tv movie back in 1994 (but check out all his writing and directing credits too). He wrote a movie screenplay called 'White Squall'. I should have guessed he was doing really well when I read on our high school alumni page (class of '77-my class) that he lives in Malibu, California! Rock on Todd! (I emailed Todd at the alumni site and told him to put one of these director photos on there).

From the Reeler: Things got considerably lighter following a screening of Todd Robinson's film Lonely Hearts, which features a scowling John Travolta as a homicide detective on the trail of the 1940s' notorious "Lonely Hearts Killers," Ray Fernandez (Jared Leto) and Martha Beck (Salma Hayek)...
You know the 6 degrees of separation theory-well, when I was a teen I went to a car show to see the 'cutest Sweathog' John Travolta. I stood in line for 2 hours with my friend, you went up to a table where John sat, he looked at you and he signed the picture. I have it somewhere!


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