Friday, August 11, 2006

Every joint hurts

I way over did it in my iris garden today. It was such a beautiful day and the Fed Ex guy brought 10 more iris rhizomes-white, gold, blue and white, pale yellow-that's all I remember. We arent' going to be home for a few days next week and I knew I had to get them in the rock hard ground sooner not later. First I had to get to the area where I wanted to plant them. Out came the weed wacker again and zoom zoom-it attacked a lot of the weeds. The darn ww cap has a piece out of it now-the spring wants to come out of the middle (I think Bri did it when he was using it in the tomato patch). I'll have to get a little duct tape to cover it or see if my mom has a spool cartridge from one of her old weed wackers. I also managed to get both Sean and Brian to help me plant the rest of my miniature box hedges-10 today but 15 in all. The dirt was horribly dry. I hope I got the rhizome roots covered good enough. I may toss some potting soil around them too. The tall grass was unbelievable. That's what took the most time to clear out. I also pulled up cosmos (I saved seeds from them already). Everything was in and watered by 7:30. I'll have to post a photo tomorrow. I like the little box hedges-but not their cemetery smell (though I heard the smell compared to cat's litter box). I am utilizing the deep heat rub tonight.


  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Hi Dianne! Sorry I haven't commented lately - it takes about 5 full minutes for your blog to load with this dial-up connection!

    I hope your aching muscles and joints will soon be over and that you can simply enjoy your gardening efforts pain-free. I bet it looks great!

    Thinking of you! :)


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