Saturday, June 24, 2006

Trumpet vine collapse

I was just surveying the yard as I do several times daily. The air is as thick as pea soup today. We are going to try to make the grad party later on if we can see where we are driving (if it isn't raining too hard). It seems the storms always pass through later in the day around here. Anyway, there was my 13-14 yr old trumpet vine half hanging off the shed. I guess there was just enough wind to knock it loose last night. I have gotten a piece of the plant from my late mother-in-law and waited at least 10 yrs for it to bloom. I see little trumpets forming on the piece that is loose. Maybe we can get a huge trellis or get use cording or something to salvage it. I hope so.

My allergies are somewhat better, I believe the rain helped. I have a terribly achy right knee. I believe lots of my aches and pains are from having Lyme Disease. When I had it back in 1998, it seemed to have settled mostly in my knees. I was just reading in the local paper an article about how epidemic Lyme is in these parts. One woman even stated that some children who are diagnosed with ADD may in fact have had an undiagnosed case of Lymes. Interesting. It's a very mysterious disease in a lot of ways.


  • At 4:46 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Oh, I do hope you can save this plant! It means so much when it's a shoot from someone dear.


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