Monday, May 02, 2005

Laura Leno Bush

So everyone is talking about how the first lady was the highlight of a dinner on Saturday night for the White House Correspondents' Association. She 'interrupted' the President and proceeded to charm the crowd. Her timing was great-telling how 'Mr Excitement' was in bed by 9pm so she watched 'Desperate Housewives'.
I like Laura a lot. She reminds me of the Donna Reed character Mary in 'What a Wonderful Life' who was also a librarian at one time. And did you know she comes from a family of Democrats? This is so interesting to me for some reason. I know I would never change my political views for anyone. Some women vote exactly the same way as their husbands do. I think deep down Laura is a 'leaner' toward 'the other party'.
Anyway here's another blurp from the article I was reading:
Mrs. Bush took another jab at the president as he announced a preservation award being given to Bolduc Historic Properties, which maintains three houses in a French Colonial settlement in St. Genevieve, Mo., along the Mississippi River.

"The restoration of the 18th Bolduc House has attracted visitors from around the country ..." Bush said.

"Eighteenth century," Mrs. Bush said, correcting the president.

"You've become a comedian and an editor," Bush deadpanned.


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