Monday, June 06, 2005

Dealing with stress

Feeling frazzled most of the time? Seems like most Americans live with daily stress. Over at Abby's blog, she had a stress test from 1967. This is me dealing with stress in the last ten years- (the test is for the last year). I have dealt with two deaths of matriarchs in the family (Brian's mom and my grandmother) ; Lyme Disease; funky liver enzymes probably because of the LD; 9/11; my mom being ill and in pain for over a year (and she still isn't quite right); some financial difficulties; not getting a new kitchen, a leaky roof (fixed almost 2 years ago- it leaked in about 8 spots), my brothers not bothering much with each other and my mom, brother and us losing beloved pets. I will say that I do try to do things to relieve stress. Blogging and tribe help me a lot. Cross stitching and gardening are a must. Music is way up there. It seems as soon as I turn on the radio I even feel a calm come over me.
So here's an article I just found in my endless pile of magazines to clip:
Cut stress by 63%
~Eat almonds because of the magnesium which helps your nerves. They are a powerful natural tranquilizer.
~Speak softly-sound calm, cool and collected. My father-in-law seems to live by these rules and he is approaching 82! His son doesn't and I feel stressed when I am around him a lot.
~Take Ginkgo biloba-180 mg a day will protect your brain cells and may lower stress as much as 79%.
~My favorite-dig out your diary. Writing about what is stressing you out helps your relieve your stressful feelings up to 30% Of course I blog.
~Sing in the shower!!! Sing anywhere. I do. : )
~My downfall-I don't go to bed early which would help if you are overwhelmed. If I was truly tired at 10 pm, believe me, I would hit the hay.
~And last but not least, keep a lavender sachet on hand which helps your alpha brain wave activity.
~Most people do this to bust their stress:
Sitting on the sofa watching a movie-but an upbeat, fun one will definitely help.
(from Woman's World-12-18-01)

And by the way-it's hot as heck here today!


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