Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Getting in the swing of things...some day

I'm sitting here with a cat behind my back. I didn't want him on my lap as I am wearing shorts and he kneads me with his claws on bare skin. He is purring like crazy. By the way, I have a blog just for my cat because Cos is such a character. I think it's pretty funny what he is doing right now.
I have so much to do both inside and outside. The inside tends to get neglected when I garden. I have a storage problem on the main floor with the basement area bursting at the seams. My younger brother and his wife really work well together to keep their home in order. I wish Bri and Sean would help me more with our house. For instance, I misplaced a large box with a fairy birdbath in it that goes in my little garden. It's about 3 feet tall and I can't find it. So frustrating. I know it was probably moved when 'I' was cleaning up for the new dryer last fall.
We have spent quite a bit of flowers and veggies. I thought Brian would have given up on the tomatoes and green peppers as deer and groundhogs are getting in the garden and munching everything. I refuse to plant in the veggie garden as it's backbreaking work for nothing. So what if they eat a few flowers? I haven't had problems with that lately. Bunnies were seen eating flowers a few years back. So I need to get out and finish up the planting my annuals. I always love seeing flowers like Sweet William make an encore appearance the next year. I have a lot of them out in the various beds. Sean even planted marigolds in his garden. He's had one for many years. Originally I dug up a spot for herbs, but gave it to Sean when he showed an interest in planting things.
Mom is off to the doctor as she hasn't been there since January. She takes pain pills for her sciatica daily. I am hoping he tries something that isn't a narcotic. I told her to try some arch supports in her shoes. I bought them for our Florida trip and I believe they saved me in the long run. Yesterday I wore flip flops and my feet were hurting in the evening.
My 20 yr old nephew is getting tested for Crohn's Disease today. He is a tall 6'8" and we hope this isn't the beginning of medical problems for him.
I better go get busy doing something constructive. I can't go anywhere as Sean is taking the van two days a week until the end of the school year. It keeps his mind off getting a car for a few weeks at least.


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