Friday, May 13, 2005

Hey, let's fly over the White House!

There's nothing that's been this dumb happen for a while. And the poor idiots were from near here-Smoketown. What were they thinking? Didn't they heed the warning or didn't they even know where they were? (What's that big white pointy thingie down yonder?) They are lucky they didn't get their butts blown to smithereens! Guess they didn't make the airshow in North Carolina.

I'm back to my night owl ways. I actually didn't mind getting up early the time we were down in Florida. You sure utilize more of the day, but I was flat on my back by 8pm. That's not me at all. Still got to see 'my tv shows' in the hotel at night. I really didn't miss the computer that much either. I was so glad to be doing something different. I think we need to travel this country more. I know, it cost money. We're not that old that I can at least see a few more states.


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